Thursday, May 4, 2017

For my final art project, I decided to recreate Jo Baer’s Korean series. This is a minimalist series of work that focuses on using the edge of the canvas. In Jo Baer’s pieces, she only uses three colors: the white of the canvas, black and another pale color of her choice. What I did was slightly different. Since I wanted to keep with the minimalist theme, I stuck with her overall template of the Korean series but I used colors that Baer would have never used such as gold and I used the patter of newspaper which again, Baer would never have put in her minimalist  art work. There are four different pieces to my project. For each one, the focal point is the edge of the canvas because the center is left blank. In my opinion, the eye path is different for each piece depending on which piece your looking at because of the colors, patterns and negative space. Another thing that I did that Baer would not have, was cute through the paper so you can see through it. In addition, one of the reasons that I decided to use paper instead of paint like Baer did was because I wanted it to have more texture. Something that I found in Baer’s pieces was that they had the ability to look three dimensional. Even though I couldn't make the piece fully 3D, I wanted to use the texture of the paper to represent that. Something that I learned about minimalist art is that its harder than it looks. Not only was thinking about each individual composition hard, but as I thought more about each one, they started taking me longer to make and got more complex. 
The one thing that I think I’ll really take away from this glass is what I learned about color and the overall composition of artwork. I think it is really helpful that I have a new knowledge of color now because I can use that in multiple aspects of my life. Before this class, I obviously knew the primary colors and basic elements of colors, but in this class I learned the relationship between them and actually painted my first color wheel which gave me a way better understanding of the concept of color. Additionally, since learning the different compositions of art work, I always notice it in whatever piece i’m looking at, even outside of class. I enjoy that I subconsciously do this now because it forced me to think about the meaning of the artists work and what he/she was trying to accomplish. 

If there was one thing that could be better in this class, my suggestion would be making more big projects that take a longer amount of time rather than having a bunch of small project back to back. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot about myself as an artist and art in general.

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