Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Postmodernism introduction
-Citizens of the middle ages/ members of premodern tribal societies could live their entire lives without meeting people who differ from them.
-In the modern ages, it is hard to even get through a day without experiencing different realities
-New technology and communications have caused us to view the world in a different way ( expanding and shrinking)
-stage of realism- the era of the bourgeois 
-age of modernism- expressed dissatisfaction with the world 
-age of postmodernism- dislocation and fragmentation os language communities
Jean Baudrillard
-Disneyland - model of entangles orders of simulation (illusions, creativity) 
- Disneyland imaginary is neither true or false
Postmodernism- Frederic Jameson 
  • Van Gogh’s painting of peasant shoes
  • different ways to read the painting

-hermeneutical - the work in its inert, objectical form is taken as a clue or a symptom for some vaster reality which replaces it with the truth

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Escaping Flatland

After reading Escaping Flatland by Tufte, it gave me a new perspective on all of the information I take in on a day to day basis and how I process it. Before reading this, I honestly never noticed that the majority of the information that I interact with is two-dimensional. This obviously includes social media but I never took in to account how this is true for most learning tools we use in school as well. For example, books, essays, pictures etc. The fact that most of the information we take in and learn from is two dimensional makes me wonder how limited the amount of information or the way we process it is.