Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Postmodernism introduction
-Citizens of the middle ages/ members of premodern tribal societies could live their entire lives without meeting people who differ from them.
-In the modern ages, it is hard to even get through a day without experiencing different realities
-New technology and communications have caused us to view the world in a different way ( expanding and shrinking)
-stage of realism- the era of the bourgeois 
-age of modernism- expressed dissatisfaction with the world 
-age of postmodernism- dislocation and fragmentation os language communities
Jean Baudrillard
-Disneyland - model of entangles orders of simulation (illusions, creativity) 
- Disneyland imaginary is neither true or false
Postmodernism- Frederic Jameson 
  • Van Gogh’s painting of peasant shoes
  • different ways to read the painting

-hermeneutical - the work in its inert, objectical form is taken as a clue or a symptom for some vaster reality which replaces it with the truth

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