Monday, January 23, 2017


Italo Calvino points out that there are different aspects of the imaginative process. He specifically mentions that one can either put an image to a word, or creating words from an image. However, Calvino states that the imagination is like the problem of “the chicken and the egg” because we never know what creativity came from where. For example, are specific images that we see in our minds made up? Or are they things that we have seen in the past? It stood out to me when Calvino wrote “ Think, for instance, of a writer who is trying to confer certain ideas which to him are contained in mental images. He isn't quite sure hoe those images fit together in his mind, and he experiments around, expressing things first one way and then another, and finally settles on some version. But does he know where it all came from? Only in a deep vague sense. Much of the source, like an iceberg, is deep under water, unseen-and  he knows that. An individuals imagination seems to be a very complex things. Just like how everyone perceives art differently, we all have completely different imaginations too. 

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