Monday, January 30, 2017

During our trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art, I noticed many interesting pieces of art. I was very intrigued by the modern and contemporary art, so I spent most of the time that I had in that section of the museum. While I was looking around, there was one specific piece that stood out to me which was "Greater Black Astral Dripper" by Jimmy Joe Roche. This piece was made in 2013 and I found it particularly interesting because it was based on the brain and psychological testing. Another piece that I thought was very interesting was "Won't" by Ed Ruscha. This piece was made in 1964. I liked that there was really no information about it on its informations tag so it was left up to interpretation. The final piece that I photographed was painted with oil on canvas by Jo Baer in 1975 and was left untitled. I thought it was interesting how something so plain could be so left up to interpretation and even end up in such an amazing museum.

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